SEKONIX | Electronic Optics Division
Official camera & lens supplier for NVIDIA DRIVE PX2
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automotive camera specializes in
new technology & development.


Automotive Camera

Sekonix’s Electronic Optics Division has successfully developed and commercialized cameras for automobile in 2006, which are key components of autonomous technology. Its role as a pioneer of automotive camera industry in Korea, Sekonix is leading and guiding the technology.


Sekonix’s high-class technology has been recognized as one of the best in the industry by developing and supplying automotive camera lenses, mobile camera lenses, LED flashes, automotive LEDs, automotive front/tail lamps, and TV LED lenses to leading companies world-wide, based on its own optical technology.


We are

world’s leading optical electronic
component corporation.


Founded in 1988, Sekonix – the leading optic solutions provider in Korea – has developed and manufactured various optic devices & components.


The company has full capacities to provide various mobile phone camera lens, automotive camera lens & modules under the condition of high-precision micro-lens injectors, tightly controlled air conditioning systems and various types of clean rooms. These days, Sekonix provides PICO projectors, UST projectors with DLP engines to empower its business field.


In addition, Sekonix has been developing various types of – optic related – automotive products, such as DLP HUD, Cluster, and Free Form Display, etc.


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